The Asian Pastry Cup is held in conjunction with Food&HotelAsia. It is a competition within itself but also serves as the official competition at which four Asian teams are pre-selected to compete at the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France.

The Asian Pastry Cup (APC) has quickly made its mark on the Asian pastry scene after two well received biennial editions and has become a major platform for pastry professionals. This unique live competition pits pastry chefs against one another, culminating in a display of the most delightful and beautiful pastry creations.

The participants were judged on their professional skills and their ability to provide a practical demonstration of trends and progress in the art of pastry to an audience. Focused was on well-prepared, well-balanced, and well presented desserts.

For the 2012 edition, 12 countries participated. Each country was represented by a team of 3 pastry professionals: 2 Competitors and 1 Coach.

Each team chose a theme and the 2 competitors, working on the kitchen, had 8 hours to prepare: 2 chocolate cakes, 18 plated dessert, 1 sugar showpiece, 1 chocolate showpiece.

By the way, this year the Australian team won the competition celebrated in Singapore this April. The second and third place were for Malasya and Singapore, the three of them are going to compete at the next World Pastry Cup that takes place in Lyon.



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