You may have already enjoyed a Singapore Sling or a Manhattan, two well-known cocktails named after their respective cities of origin. What you have probably yet to try is a Copenhagen. Now is your chance.

The Scandinavian city has organised a contest to create a cocktail wich best reflects Copenhagen’s distinct style and ambience.

Five of Copenhagen’s best bartenders competed to create a cocktail with a Scandinavian taste, inspired by Danish design’s streamlined features, combining the modern and trendy with the historical and traditional, including Cheery Herring Liqueur, and wich can easily be prepared worldwide.

The winner, Gromit Eduardsen, barman at cocktail bar 1105, was chosen by a panel of qualified critics along with a live audience.

So for those looking for a drink after a hard day, here are the ingredients to treat yourself to a Copenhagen:

– 5cl. Bols Genever

– 2cl. Cherry Heering Liqueur

– 2cl. fresh pressed lime juice

– 2cl. sugar syrup (Monin)

– 1 dash Angostura Bitters

Shake with ice cubes and strain into glass without ice. Put in a slice of orange so that the scent of the orange floats on top of the cocktail offering a citrus aroma.

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