The members of “Hotel Schools of Distinction” just met last February in Stavanger (Norway). The meeting was organized by the Norwegian School of Hotel Management at the University of Stavanger.

The leaders of all the university programs that belong to the association discussed the strategy to follow in order to get the most benefit out of the alliance of 10 of the leading hotel management schools in the world.

For the first time, a representation of the students of each of the universities joined the meeting. Hotel School Sant Pol de Mar was represented by its managing director, Lluís Serra, accompanied with Carlos Jimenez, in representation of its student body.

Carlos had the chance to meet and exchange opinions and experiences with his colleagues from Hotel School The Hague (Nederlands), University of Stavanger (Norway), IUBH (Germany), Haaga-Helia (Finland), ITH Qebec (Canada) Purdue University, FIU and Niagara University (USA).

The student board met for the first time discussing the expectations of the student body of those 10 universities regarding the association. They had a parallel meeting and their conclusions were later presented to the board of directors.

This new experience was really positive for both students and directors. The strategy will be focused on joining the strengths of those leading hospitality educators , the exchange of both professors and students, common research projects and talent recruitment for the leading hospitality companies worldwide.

The board of directors also approved to have a permanent student representation in an annual meeting every Spring that would take place each time in a HSD campus.

This is probably the first time that a hotel school association is starting taking account of the student’s opinion and representation.

The next Summer meeting will take place on June 15th in Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) and will be hosted by Hotel School Sant Pol de Mar.


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