Rosa Maria

Food&Beverage and Front Office in Hotel Hilton Munich City.

Master in Hospitality Management

Why did you choose this establishment?
I chose this hotel, because I wanted to do my internship in a German speaking country to improve the language and Munich is an important city when it comes to business and tourism. Together with it, Munich has 3 Hilton hotels: City, Park and Airport. I have chosen this one, because it is a 4 star hotel and as I didn’t have previous experience in hospitality, I didn’t want to start in a 5 star hotel.

What do you expect of this internship?
I hope to learn as much as possible of the F&B and Front Office departments and to find the the most suitable one for me in order to start a career and become a manager in the future.

What are your first impressions?
Coming to Hilton Munich City has been one of the best decisions ever.

Since the first day I have started to work together with the members of the F&B team. In fact, the restaurant manager, Peter Horvat, has the same philosophy as EUHT StPOL “learning by doing” and I can confirm they follow it by heart! I feel very comfortable in the hotel, the whole staff is very kind and helpful with me and you can feel the “cooperation” and the “team spirit” in the air!

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