The University Hotel-School of Hospitality and Tourism Management EUHT StPOL will be using the latest Technology to recreate a stand with a smart stage at the Saló de l´Ensenyament. Just like our students dive into the reality of a hotel, a restaurant and a professional kitchen from day one, we aim to convey this experience to our visitors at the Saló.

For this reason, and all through the day, our stand will become a hotel reception, a restaurant floor, and a professional kitchen. This will be possible thanks to the help of a new platform of immersive experience that will be downloaded from a Smartphone. This cutting-edge stand is the creation of Broomx, one of the leading technologies at the recent World Mobile Congress where they introduced the “Immersive Rooms”, with the support of the Institut Tecnològic Hoteler

We invite you to visit us from 18-22 March at Saló de l´Ensenyament, stand H814, at Fira de Barcelona, Montjuic. Thursday and Friday morning there will be a demonstration by our students, experts in cocktail bartendering. We encourage you to taste the cocktails they will be mixing!


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