Yesterday we celebrated the XXXVI Gastronomy University Days, event that encompasses the Concurs de Cuina Jove de Catalunya, which this year offered its XXIX edition.

This year, the gastronomic proposals of the finalists had to include micro-plants of Koppert Cress, besides the presentation and quality in the elaboration of the proposals; the jury has evaluated the form in which the candidates explained their dish and what the jury has perceived when tasting it.

The President of the Jury of this edition was the Chef Albert Adrià, who discussed with the remaining members of the Jury: Ramon Serra (President of the Administration Council of EUHT StPOL), Joan Ras (President of the Catalonian Academy of Gastronomy), Joaquim Majó (Delegate of the Dean of the Universitat de Girona), Annette Abstoss (from the company Koppert Cress), Diane Dodd (President of IGCAT) and Fernando Toda (from the publications Saber y Sabor).

The winner proposal which obtained the Absolue Prize was “Spring of outbreaks” of Ana Luna Vera Grimaldos of the University College of Hospitality and Tourism CETT-UB, who according to the jury elaborated the dish since the micro-plants and not only using them as a complement; this fact has also been awarded with the Best Application of Micro-plants Prize.

The Prize to the Skill and Best Elaboration Technique was for the dish “Sphere of micro-plants” of Mohamed Quauch of the Restaurant Soldemar. The Prize to the Imagination and Creativity was awarded to an original proposal, the dish “Octopus in Coral” of Diego Alejandro Romero who studies the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Administration in EUHT StPOL. And finally, the Prize to the Best Presentation was for the dish “Kokotxa a la basca” of Annuar El Mardi of the school JOVIAT.



With the Concurs de Cuina Jove de Catalunya, the University College of Hospitality and Tourism of Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL) wants to promote the young values originated in the classrooms of the training centers in Catalonia, many of which after their university training, end up in the kitchens of restaurants with Michelin stars. In fact, upon the completion of the event, the Gastronomy University Days itself took place, where Albert Adrià, together with his team presented the session “the languages of creativity” where Fran Agudo (Head Chef TICKETS), Jorge Muñoz (Head Chef PAKTA) and Paco Méndez (Head Chef Hoja Santa-Niño Viejo) made a demonstration of cuisine applied to the micro-plants. Upon the completion of the session, Albert Adrià invited the students to apply for an internship in any of the restaurants of his group, TICKETS (1 Michelin star), Pakta (1 Michelin star), Hoja Santa-Niño Viejo and Bodega 1900



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This is the video-summary of the event where Albert Adrià (President of the Contest Jury) explains us all what is needed to know besides cooking a good dish. The importance of the responsibility of running a business, the requirement of making the client happy, and the sacrifice of the chef life, are main items to become a good chef.

Upon the completion of the event, the Gastronomy University Days itself took place, dedicated to the micro-plants cuisine with the session “the languages of creativity” of Albert Adrià (BCN 5.0.) together with his team Fran Agudo (Head Chef of the Restaurant TICKETS), Jorge Muñoz (Head Chef  of the Restaurant PAKTA) and Paco Méndez (HOJA SANTA-NIÑO VIEJO)



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