The great brand estimates to offer more than 600 jobs to tourism and food&beverage industries

Bulgari’s Human Resources team members have visited EUHT StPOL to offer to our students the opportunity to travel to Dubai to join them at their new luxury hotel.

The hotel, which is about to open soon, will employ more than 600 people from tourism and food&beverage industries.

The meeting, which has taken place in the Llevant Hall of our school, has had two major parts. On the one hand, Bulgari’s professionals have exposed their offer to the students. They have explained them what kind of profile are they looking for and which would be the contract base.

On the other hand, they have also transmitted the philosophy of their brand, based on luxury tourism and focused on making the period in Dubai an excellent labor and personal growth experience for EUHT StPOL students.

Finally, the interviews have carried out. The students, nervous as well as excited, have given their best to become the selected candidates. Good luck!

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