8 June, 2018

The Master students present their final projects

5 June, 2018

The students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management present their bachelor’s thesis

16 May, 2018

StPOL Alumni: Miquel Antoja – Cook and pastry chef

14 May, 2018

Culinary journey around the world thanks to the Master of Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management students

26 April, 2018

Innovation and tradition: main items of the Catalonia’s Young Cooking Contest held by EUHT StPOL

17 April, 2018

R+D in Food&Beverage: 6 projects that could revolutionize the industry through Gamification

11 April, 2018

Students of the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management to take part in Eat Street event

11 April, 2018

Miquel Aldana, ex-student of EUHT StPOL and Michelin-Star chef, teaches a Masterclass

21 March, 2018

Two students from the 3rd course of the Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management represent EUHT StPOL at the HSD Annual Conference (Berlin)

26 February, 2018

Demetrio Maduro, Alumni of EUHT StPOL: “Take advantage of all the things you are learning in this School. I’m proud of it”

23 February, 2018

Colors and flavors in the Catalonia Youth Cocktail Competition

9 February, 2018

More interviews per student in the Professional Development Days 2018

16 January, 2018

Dr. Eva Canaleta-Safont, new Academic Director at EUHT StPOL

9 January, 2018

Marriott USA visits EUHTStPOL to recruit students

18 December, 2017

Graduation Ceremony 2017

27 November, 2017

EUHTStPOL: Michelin Stars factory

24 November, 2017

Internship in the most beautiful restaurant in the world

8 November, 2017

EUHTStPOL does a cooking workshop for young people at the Girona Fair

7 November, 2017

And you, where have you done your internship?

6 November, 2017

The final of the European Young Chef Award 2017 has already a winner