21 July, 2017
17 August, 2017
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It is the 25th anniversary of EUHT StPOL’s participation in the Barcelona Olympics

EUHT StPOL was chosen by the COOB to organize the appetizers service of the personalities and VIPs that attended the great world event

FotoequipoLet’s travel until 1992’s summer. We are in Barcelona. The city vibrated with the opening of the XXV Olympic Games. It was a great opportunity to generate illusion and projects as well as to put the city of Barcelona and whole Spain in the world touristic map.

The Barcelona ’92 Olympics marked a before and an after in the city. They were and still are qualified as one of the most successful Olympics in history. New infrastructures, great logistics and an Olympic spirit and of citizen collaboration seized the city and made it shine as never before.

So much so that many companies, professionals and volunteers, contributed to achieve the perfection.

EUHT StPOL was no exception. It was chosen by the COOB (Organizing Olympic Committee Barcelona) to organize the appetizers service for the personalities and VIPs that attended the global sports event. Heads of state, politicians, presidents of federations, presidents of sponsoring companies, collaborators… were for a few days our most precious clients.

In order to take on such a special occasion, EUHT StPOL designed a line of Mediterranean appetizers and drew up a specific training program where the mechanisms and rules of operation of the service were established, taking care of all the details.

A total of 70 students and 10 teachers participated actively in the event that is turning 25 years old. During the Olympics, our staff made 65.000 snacks, including 350.000 canapés.

We are very proud to be able to continue training future chefs and to continue living experiences like the one of that 1992’s summer.

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