The students of 4th of the Bachelor’s Degree in Hosptality and Tourism Management have shared their experiences of internships abroad with the companions of the lower courses

Working outside is always a great adventure. This is what the students of the 4th course of Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management have said. All of them have gone abroad to do their summer internships.

In front of an audience formed by colleagues from lower courses, the students have explained one by one how they value the experience.

Germany, Malta or Scotland are some of the countries where our students have been for 3, 4 or 6 months. Patxi and Raquel have been at the Kempinski Hotel, in Malta. During his explanation, Patxi commented: “We have felt very well cared for from the first day by all the staff of the Hotel”. And Raquel … “In my case, the schedules were great and, if one day you worked more hours than they played, they were given you free days”.

Without leaving Malta, Miquel has told them how his summer has been working at the Hilton Hotel. “At the Hilton, they look for people with values. It is important to have knowledge but, for them, it is more important to be clear about why you want to work there”. As advice, Miquel has told his colleagues to prepare the interviews very well and to inform themselves and know well the establishment where they want to go to work.

Andrea has been at the Old Course Hotel, in Scotland. She has returned happy from her experience as she has managed to rise in rank during her internship, something complicated and very positive. She has gone from being a waitress to a head of rank!

Our students valuation

In general, students value their experiences abroad positively. All of them have commented that the practices are the ideal place to prepare themselves and to be able to adapt in the future. They have also highlighted the good atmosphere among professionals that the same hotels encourage.

“Even though we all have better days and worse days, doing internships whether or not outside your country teaches you things that are not in the books,” they concluded.

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