Experimental workshop: Forvm Vinager

The EUHT StPOL students have had the opportunity to attend an experimental workshop about the vinegar.  This activity is related to the XXXV Gastronomic University day, and has been developed by Albert Roca, Commercial manager and responsible of AVGVSTVS FORVM cellar.

AVGVSTVS FORVM started in 1983 in Pla de Mar, Vendrell (D.O. Penedés), first it was focused on the production and wine commercialization, lately it produced its own vinegars. That way FORVM brand was launched: focused on the production and commercialization of vinegar.

The students attending the workshop could know different applications and ways of use of the vinegar, knowing its own aromas. Moreover, they could know the AVGVSTVS FORVM company and the taste its different wines and vinegars. They learnt how to taste vinegars and its variations and they could also taste four different gastronomic plates cooked with FORVM vinegars.

This workshop shows how important is the “enotourism” (wine culture) nowadays, in fact, some of the most prestigious chefs uses FORVM vinegars as an important ingredient in their creations.

The planning for the workshop was the following:

    • AVGVSTVS FORVM cellar introduction
    • AROMA’S play to improve the senses.
    • Wine taste, the FORVM vinegars origin
    • FORVM Chardonnay, FORVM Cabernet Sauvignon and FORVM Merlot and Flavivs taste.
    • Natural wine reduction taste: FORVM Chardonnay and FORVM Cab. Sauvignon
    • Experimental FORVM creams taste
    • Taste of 4 surprise “tapas” cooked with FORVM, with different textures and vinegar uses.

From EUHT StPOL we would like to thanks the AVGVSTVS FOVM for their visit and demonstration, moreover we want to thanks for the aspirational speech they offered to the students.

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