Last Friday, December 14th 2018, the Hotel-School of Sant Pol de Mar hosted the Graduation Ceremony, the Diploma of completion of studies was given to the graduates of the following academic programs:

  • 6th edition of the Bachelors’ Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, class of 2014-2018 (34th edition of the university degree in Hospitality Management).
  • 25th edition of the Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Service.
  • 26th edition of the Master in Hospitality Management.
  • 20th edition of the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management (Spanish version)
  • 2nd edition of the Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management (English version)
  • Diplomas of specialization.

The Graduation Ceremony began with the welcoming speech of the Director of EUHT StPOL, Lluís Serra, followed by a master class by the Academic Director emeritus of the University School of Hospitality and Tourism of Sant Pol del Mar, Mr. José Hernández; and the subsequent delivery of diplomas.

Visual transcription by HSD

As a novelty, this year’s graduates in Hotel and Tourism Management received a diploma awarded by the Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD), called HSD Student Learning Visual Transcript, which credits the goals achieved by students, their skills and the acquired knowledge, under global concepts such as business administration, personal skills, human interaction, operational skills and integrity.

HSD is a global network of institutions of higher education formed by ten members, including EUHT StPOL, which identifies and assesses the knowledge, skills and behaviors required by the hotel management sector.

Acto de Graduación 2018

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