We are 50 years old, and we are celebrating it it as it deserves.  Yesterday, Monday 12th of December we organized the Institutional and Sectorial Meal of the anniversary, in which we wanted to share this special date with personalities from the hospitality sector, chefs with Michelin star, government officials, businessmen of the sector and great friends.

The invitation to arrive was at 13:00, in which the first assistants arrived and served an aperitif, which is part of the Special Tasting Menu of the 50th anniversary.

In this great celebration we were accompanied by more than 80 people representing the hotel sectors, gastronomy, catering, business and government authorities: Hble. Ms. Meritxell Ruiz, Consellera d’Ensenyament of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Mr. Octavi Bono, General Director of Tourism of the Generalitat de Catalunya.


Palabras de bienvenida del 50 aniversario

On behalf of the local authorities of the region of Maresme, we have the mayors: Ilma Ms. Montserrat Garrido, Mayor of Sant Pol de Mar, Ilmo Mr. Xavier Amor, Mayor of Pineda de Mar, Ilma Ms. Montserrat Candini, Mayor of Calella, Ilma Ms. Annabel Moreno, Mayor of Arenys de Mar, Ilma Ms. Blanca Arbell, Mayor of Canet de Mar, Ilma Ms. Sònia Scafa, Mayor of Sant Cebrià de Vallata.

While the aperitif was served the rest of the guests arrived, it was the moment of the welcome, presentations and of course, the souvenir photos in the photocall.



Brindis de celebración de Lluís Serra, Director H-E StPOL, los chefs Xavier Pellicer, Bruno Palazzi y Ada Parellada, Hble Sra. Meritxell Ruiz, Consellera d’Enseyament de GenCat, los chefs Fina Puigdevall, Romain Fornell y Isidre Soler, Ilma Sra. Montserrat Garrido, alcaldesa de Sant Pol de Mar, y Ramon Serra, Presidente de H-E StPOL

Among the guests were also renowned Catalan chefs of the sector: Fina Puigdevall (Les Cols, 2 Michelin stars), Xavier Pellicer (Cuina Céleri, 1 Michelin star), also alumni of the school and author of the dish “Lomo de atún con xirivia, olivas dulces y Passata” from the tasting menu, Romain Fornell (Caelis, 1 Michelin star), and renowned chefs Ada Parellada, Bruno Pallazi, among others.

The event culminated with the entry into the banquet hall, where Lluís Serra, Director of H-E StPOL, welcomed, and after the words of thanks from the mayor of Sant Pol de Mar, Ilma Ms. Montserrat Garrido and Hon Mrs. Meritxell Ruiz, Consellera d’Ensenyament of the Generalitat de Catalunya, served the 50th Anniversary Tasting Menu.

The Menu has been designed exclusively for the celebration of the center’s fifty years, by the great chefs Joan Roca (3 Michelin stars and 2013 and 2015 World’s Best Chef), Albert Adrià (2015 Best World’s Pastry Chef and leader of elBarri, 3 Michelin stars), Ramon Freixa (2 Michelin stars), Xavier Pellicer (1 Michelin star) and Miquel Aldana (1 Michelin star). The last three chefs ar Sant Pol Alumni. The chefs designed the dishes and taught the students of Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management how to make the dish, and they were the ones who delighted all the guests with the reproductions of the dishes.

Pictures album:

Almuerzo Institucional 50º Aniversario


Watch the video:


Watch the presentation video of the Tasting Menu here:

This was the last event of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary, in which since the month of April have been held different events that are part of the programming of the 50th anniversary, including the holding of the first European Young Chef Award 2016, organized by IGCAT and EUHT StPOL in the framework of the European Region of Gastronomy in Catalonia 2016 and the edition of the book “50 success stories: fifty years shaping leaders in hospitality”.

From here we want to thank all the guests at the event, those who could attend and those who did not, thank you very much for the support received and recognition during these fifty years of history.


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