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16 May, 2018
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8 June, 2018
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The students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management present their bachelor’s thesis

This last week of May has been key for EUHT StPol’s students. They have presented their thesis in front of an examination board set up by active teachers among the field

After months of work, the day to expose the bachelor’s thesis has finally come, one of the most important assessments of any Bachelor’s Degree. Nervously and with a lot of concentration, the students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management that finish their studies this year presented themselves in front of the examination board to defend their projects.

Once the thesis’ had been exposed, the examination board pointed out the student’s interest for those issues that could be applied in their near professional future.  Every project interrelated different subjects among the studies; from human resources to the making of a holiday farmhouse; the AirBnB phenomenon or issues like the transformation of Lloret de Mar’s touristic model.

For the curious among you, here you have the titles of the projects and its authors:

  • Evolution of the selection process for the F&B manager profile among the last ten years in 4* hotels –  Andrea Ordóñez Moreno
  • The Wedding Planner’s role and their potential establishment in wedding-focused hotels – Helena Bolaños
  • Evolution of the Great Luxury 5 * hotel product in Barcelona: Hotel Majestic as a study case – Esperanza Nuevo Conejo
  • Brandon Holiday Home – Eva Raquel Báez Suárez
  • The activity of the non-hotel accommodation business AriBnB in Barcelona city. The area of study was the Dreta Eixample neighbourhood – Isabella Sierra Cevenini
  • Evolution of the Hotel Manager since the tourism boom and how it has affected the academic degree – Marina Carrión Muñoz
  • Application of bioclimatic techniques in hotel complexes – Mario Guijarro Navarro
  • Evolution of different target groups in restaurant business during XXI century and the adjustment to them of the main traditional groups in Barcelona – Miguel Augusto Fernández Ríos
  • Analysis of the marketing campaigns for the touristic transformation of Lloret de Mar – Mikhaylo Byelyayev

On behalf of the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts we congratulate you on the fine job and we would also like to wish you the best of luck with your summer internships and your future career;)!

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