During this week he 13 final projects of the Master in Hospitality Management have been presented in front of a tribunal

All the projects have been quite innovative, offering differentiated business concepts in lodging, food&beverage and technology applied to the hospitality and travel industry.

The students have chosen the following concepts or thematic:

  • An app for independent hotels for bookings and destination resources (Ceballos, Motto)
  • An accessible hotel in Madrid (Queiroz)
  • A bio-organic restaurant in Girona (Zaugg)
  • A “home away from home” Restaurant for foreigners living in Barcelona (Singh, Tuzcuoglu)
  • A cultural lodging concept in Seville in an Al Andalus Palace (Gobetti)
  • A luxurious country house hotel in the Empordà – Girona (Mulà)
  • An upscale treehouse hotel by the Montseny mountain (Mateu, Ricco)
  • A woman-friendly boutique hotel in Barcelona (Martín)
  • Birdwatching Hotel Delta de l’Ebre (Zolfi)
  • Real Project about aparthotel in Calella (Gertsog)
  • Bohemian-style boutique hotel in Calonge (Hajizade)
  • A hight-tech hotel for young people in Seville (Tamayo)
  • Digital-Newads coworking aparthotel (Baca)

The jury was composed by Hospitality and F&B consultants Vallsmadella and Rivas. The professors Gauntlett, Canaleta, Gonzalez, Serra joined the jury too.

The overall valuation of the projects has been damn positive. It is important to mention the focus in innovation as well as entrepreneurship spirit that all the students have shown in their projects.

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