The Master in Hospitality Management students have visited the Sant Pau restaurant facilities (Sant Pol de Mar), awarded with 3 Michelin stars, accompanied by Carme Ruscalleda. Considered as one of the best innovative female chefs in the world, Carme Ruscalleda is the first Catalan female chef to obtain three Michelin stars. In the 1988 summer she opened the restaurant in Sant Pol de Mar and nowadays is the only woman in the world with seven Michelin Guide stars: three for Sant Pau restaurant in Sant Pol de Mar, two for Moments (in Barcelona) and two more for the Sant Pau restaurant in Tokyo.

The students got to meet personally how a three Michelin stars restaurant work while Carme Ruscalleda explained them her projects history. She is a self-taught and avant-garde chef, but always close to the Catalan culinary tradition with a base of natural products. Carme also explained how they lived the transformation of gastronomy in their spaces, both at a technical and equipment level.

The master’s students visited the restaurant facilities, starting by its famous garden that can be seen from all corners of the restaurant, followed by the kitchen and the dining area. The tour ended at the Sant Pau entrance, where guests are welcomed. There Carme defined her current tasting menu as a “Natural and gastronomic color palette” and delighted the students with the dish “Blue” (Clitoria foam with sea water sorbet).

The visit ended with the reflection about the restaurant management profession, in which passion, illusion, creativity and team management are the key elements to develop the business, without forgetting that in the kitchen the main ingredients are always passion and professionalism.

Visita al Restaurant Sant Pau con Carme Ruscalleda

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