MasterChef choose EUHT StPOL to reward the winners with a scholarship.

The newly winners of Colombia MasterChef 2016, Leonardo Moran and Ana Belen Charry, have been rewarded for winning the contest, with two scholarships to study in the University College of Hospitality Management and Cuinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar – Hotel School Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona.

Both will travel to Barcelona to attend a Gastronomy course in EUHT StPOL, university college where have formed accredited national and international Chefs, and which continue to form future professionals of prestige, so we are sure you will know to take this opportunity to continue learning and growing between stove.

Welcome Leonardo and Ana Belén!!!

If you want to study with them you can check our Gastronomy courses here:

Ganadores MasterChef Colombia 2016 from EUHT StPOL on Vimeo.

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