Miquel Antoja came back to the Hotel-School of Sant Pol de Mar and explained what he experienced during his formative years, his internships and his current connection with Instagram

Miquel Antoja (Badalona, 1984) considers himself 50% cook and 50% pastry chef. He took the Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Food & Beverage from 2004 to 2007 and, later on, he studied a postgraduate degree in Patisserie.

Antoja came back to the Hotel-School of Sant Pol de Mar where he recalled his internship both in the kitchen of the school and, for example, in the bakery Dolç in Sant Cugat.

Miquel says that one of the strengths of the Hotel-School is that “its methodology lets you experience the Cooking Department and the Restaurant Service alike, a fact that helps you acquire a 360º training”.

Gastronomy and Social Media

Miquel is a regular user of Instagram. Nevertheless, over the past five years he uses it as a working tool. To him, there is a really powerful connexion between gastronomy and social networks. This is why he gathers more than 300.000 followers with whom he shares on a daily basis his recipes and creations. “Instagram opens many doors and is a great way to document everything you do”, he assures.

Miquel Antoja’s tip

To Miquel it has been a pleasure to come back to his “second home”. He recommended to those interested in gastronomy and food & beverage to “enrol in the Hotel-School at 200% and seek the path of effort and constant dedication”.

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