The Catalonia young kitchen contest

March 19th, 2014

It is a pleasure to communicate that we are starting to prepare the XXVIII Catalonia Young kitchen contest; it will take place next April 30th in the University School of Hospitality Management (EUHT StPOL).

It is placed in the Gastronomy University Day, and the award “Best young cook of Catalonia” will be given to the winner. This contest is one of the oldest contests in Spain, where the invited chef is the jury’s president. The topic changes every year and the current edition is about “the vinegar kitchen”. Both students and professionals up to 25 years old (Catalonia residents) will participate in this event. Catalonia is one of the most recognized gastronomic regions of the world.

Every year a renowned chef is invited to the event, this year the invited chef is Paco Pérez: kitchen manager at “Restaurante Miramar” (2 Michelin stars) in Llançà, and “5 by Paco Pérez” in Berlin.

A part from the award, the following mentions will be delivered: Award to “Ability and best preparation techniques”, award to “Imagination and Creativity”, award to “Best appearance” and award to “Best topic contest application”.

In order to participate in the contest it is needed to send before April 4th the following information to

– Personal data (full name, surname, place of birth).

– Professional information (job, job tittle or the name of the school where the student studies).

– Contact information (telephone number and email).

– The receipt (ingredients and all details included in an Excel file, and a picture of it).

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