Carl Rohde has been this week a EUHT StPOL teacher, being the first masterclass teacher of the current course. The topic has been “Trends in Hospitality”  to the Master in Hospitality  Management and Bachelor degree last course students.

Carl Rohde is a sociologist specialized in teaching, his big passion is about Trendwatching y Coolhunting.

In 1992 he created the “Science of the Time” Project: a virtual net about market research and trends of all over the world. The main topic is about the socio cultural mind changes and movements. ¿What is the mottor for the current customers, consumers and citizens?

He is leading conferences all over the world talking about his researches, he is also teacher of Hotel School The Hage, a university like EUHT StPOL linked to Hotel Schools of Distinction.

During two weeks the StPOL students have participated in his master classes, learning from new trends regarding the hotel and tourism area.

These classes, done fully in English, were not only done in StPOL university, they also went to Barcelona city center in order to look for current and new trends.




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