“Learning by doing” is one of our claims, probably the one that better explains our philosophy and the concept of the Hotel School with its own training facilities.

Academic Accreditations

Legal Frame

  • Ministerial Decree of March, 24, 1969 (BOE Nº71) Center legally recognized by the Ministry of Information and Tourism.
  • Ministerial Decree of June 11, 1981 (BOE of August 13) Center authorized by the Ministry of Universities and Research
  • Decree 187/1998 of July 21 of the Generalitat of Catalunya Membership of the EUHT StPOL in the Universitat de Girona as University School of Tourism Diploma.
  • Royal Decree 1406/1999 of September 3 of the Spanish Government Homologation of the study program of the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar, affiliated to the Universitat de Girona.
  • ANECA, as per the dispositions of Article 75 of the R.D. 1393/2007, of October 29, amended by the R.D. 861/2010 of July 2 has evaluated favorably the Study Plan that grants the Official Title of: Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management, with two concentrations: International Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, F&B and Event Management.
  • Resolution DOGC Ens/757/2015 of April 8, whereby the opening of the private educational center called School of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Service Management Sant Pol de Mar is authorized as well as the issuance of double Medium Level Vocational Degree in Restaurant Service and in Cuisine and Gastronomy

Affiliation to the Universitat de Girona

The Universitat de Girona is the reference university in the Spanish State within the touristic activity. It has several campuses in Girona, Barcelona and Sant Pol de Mar, being this later one the only one specialized in the hospitality and gastronomic training. The Universitat de Girona grants the official title of Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. The Foundation of the Universitat de Girona grants the other degrees of EUHT StPOL.

Generalitat de Catalunya 

The Department d’Ensenyament of the Generalitat de Catalunya grants the official recognition to the double Vocational Medium Level Degree in Restaurant Service and in Cuisine and Gastronomy to the School of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Service Management Sant Pol de Mar (CGR StPOL).

Relationship with the Grup SERHS

SERHS is a corporation that includes 58 companies, structured in 6 business divisions and 2.529 workers, specialized in products and services for the hospitality industry, restaurants and communities and considered as the “1st Touristic Group of Catalonia” which offers services to more than 40.000 clients. The Hotel-School Sant Pol de Mar is an associated center and, among some of the benefits, we can mention the scholarship that SERHS offers to some students.


Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD) is a global alliance of the hotel schools in partnership with the leaders of the hospitality industry dedicated to the creation of high quality talent by sharing knowledge and research, where the Hotel-School Sant Pol de Mar is a party as a founder member.


EUHT StPOL is the site in Catalonia of the Spanish Association of Hotel Directors.


International Association of directors of hotel schools. It is the oldest association of hotel schools, with more than 50 years and 120 members around the world. EUHT StPOL holds the Vice Presidency.


Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education. It is the most important academic association of hotel schools, with members of around the world.


Pan-American Confederation of Hotel, Tourism and Restaurant Schools. It is the most known association of schools of Latin America and Spain. Its main area of activities is in Latin America.


Catalan Association of Private Hotel Schools. An association that brings together the most important and prestigious restaurant and cooking schools in Catalonia.

Catalonia’s Honor Plaque of Tourism

This is the top sector and administrative recognition granted in Spain. It is the first and only time in 50 years of the award that it has been granted to a training center

Royal Decree 1181/2006 of 6 October concerning merits and circumstances, on the proposal of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

Catalonia Tourism Awards

This is the top sector and administrative acknowledgement given in Catalonia, the principal tourist destination of Spain.

Government of Catalonia Agreement 177/2006 of 31 October regarding its awarding, DOGC 4761 15.11.2006, for its outstanding activity in favor of tourism in Catalonia.

National Hospitality Award 2011

From the Spanish Hospitality Federation (FEHR), within the category of Hospitality Schools for the center’s pioneering development as a University Hotel-School since 1966.