“Learning by doing” is one of our claims, probably the one that better explains our philosophy and the concept of the Hotel School with its own training facilities.

In 1966 a pioneer educational program was created in Europe, formed by a Hotel-School with restaurant where university hospitality students could conduct their internship, since the first day, with real customers, under the supervision and direct assessment of a professional teaching staff.

Thus, one of our slogans was created: “learning by doing”, probably the one that best summarizes the philosophy and the concept of Hotel-School, where nothing is taken for granted until it has not been practiced as many times as necessary, in a real working environment and validated by the criterion of a professional.

The Hotel-School (H-E StPOL) is comprised by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL), which offers university training of bachelor degree and master’s degrees; the Gastronomy Center and Restaurant Service Sant Pol de Mar (CGR StPOL), that offers vocational training, and the Hotel Gran Sol.

EUHT StPOL was also the first school in Spain to create a program and specific training methodology of theory-practice in hospitality management at a time when training plans in Spain hardly distinguished hospitality in the tourism area.


Is to train future departmental heads and general managers of hotel and restaurant establishments from excellence, regardless of their location.


Is to continue to be a pioneering school in Europe and the benchmark in a sector with an integral quality training model in which theory, practice and research complement each other through the formula of a Hotel-School.

The strategic action of EUHT StPOL is based on its identifying values, action guides and characteristic convictions. Its series of identity values particularly include: the quality of the service, personalized attention through tutoring and a teaching methodology which motivates students to enhance their personal capacities.

A deep knowledge and experience of the sector has set EUHT StPOL aside as a benchmark for students, professionals and companies for over 50 years. All of this would not have been possible if the school had not remained rigorously faithful to its principles of on-going investment in research, analysis and study of cases and new tendencies aimed at the specialization programs that best adapt to its students and market demands.


Every year, EUHT StPOL, celebrates the Professional Development Days, an event where the corporate recruiting representatives of the most important hotel and restaurant companies come to the school in order to interview the students that are finishing their studies with the purpose of obtaining the final internship and/or a job. The objective is to design a career plan for each profile and find a job through these professional internships.

Since 1980 and in a continuous basis, H-E StPOL organizes the Gastronomy University Days (former Gastronomic Days of Maresme) and, since 1987, the Catalonia Young Cooking Copetition. It is the oldest gastronomic academic act and the cooking contest celebrated in Catalonia continuously.

Each of its editions is based in a product or theme and a renamed cook is invited. In previous editions, H-E StPOL has been honored with the presence of Pedro Subijana, Raimundo González, Raymond Thullier, Renato Gualandi, Christian Escrivà, Alfons Part, Alain Ducasse, Juan Mari Arzak, Santi Santamaria, Ferran Adrià, Alain Pic, René Redzepi, Andoni Aduriz, Martin Berasategi, Joan Roca, Carme Ruscalleda, Alex Atala or the former students Ramon Freixa and Xavier Pellicer.

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H-E StPOL also organizes the Catalonia Young Cocktail Competition, one of the oldest cocktail competitions of the country, where the Prize to the Best Young Cocktail-maker in Catalonia is granted. It is an annual event where students and professionals under the age of 25 residing in Catalonia participate. The jury is formed by great experts of the cocktail world such as the President of the Barman Club, Manel Tirbio; Josep Mª Gotarda and the President of the Barcelona Association of Sommeliers, José Roldán.

The special nature of the copetitions lies in two facets: firstly that no cash prizes are given, and secondly that the aim is to arouse young students’ interest in developing a professional career in the area of dining room service, which is in great demand by hotel companies and commercial restaurants.

Another note to be stressed about the copetitionis that each year it brings to our memory two of the greatest barmen that Catalonia has had by personalizing two of the trophies that are awarded to the participants. These are the Josep Mª Gotarda Trophy for skill and ability, and the Manuel Villalante Trophy for the best score of the Jury.