“Learning by doing” is one of our claims, probably the one that better explains our philosophy and the concept of the Hotel School with its own training facilities.

Catalonia Young Cocktails Contest

One of the oldest cocktail contests in the country in which the prize is given to the Best Young Cocktail-maker in Catalonia. This is an annual event which is participated by students and professionals under the age of 25 residing in Catalonia.

The jury is formed by great experts of the cocktail world such as Josep M. Gotarda Jr, President of the Hability Jury; and the President of the Catalan Association of Sommeliers, Natalia Roig.

The special nature of the contests lies in two aspects: firstly that no cash prizes are given, and secondly that the aim is to arouse young students’ interest in developing a professional career in the area of dining room service, which is in great demand from hotel companies and commercial restaurants.

Another note to be stressed about the contest is that each year it brings to our memory two of the great barmen that Catalonia has had by personalising two of the trophies given to the participants. These are the Josep M. Gotarda Trophy for skill and ability, and the Manuel Villalante Trophy for the best score of the Jury.