“Learning by doing” is one of our claims, probably the one that better explains our philosophy and the concept of the Hotel School with its own training facilities.

Professional Development Days (PDD)


Introducing 2019 PDD (5th and 6th February)

As every year, EUHT StPOL organizes and celebrates the PDD (Professional Development Days), a special event where the corporate recruiting responsible from the most important hotel and restaurant companies come to the school in order to interview the students that are finishing their studies on the current year. The aim of these interviews is to obtain a job through a previous internship period of time.

So, the PDD mission is to offer a close relation with the leader national and international hotel/tourism/restaurant chains.

The PDD last two days, in the current course year 2018-19, they will take place on 5th and 6th February 2019. During the mornings the participating companies will do a presentation about their companies, their culture job and philosophy. And, in the afternoons are done the interviews with the students. The average is about 3 interviews per student. This is an exclusive service available for EUHT StPOL last year student and also for EUHT StPOL alumni.

If you are a EUHT StPOL alumni get in touch with us if you also wish to participate in this event. You can write us at: , writing “PDD19” as the email subject.

EUHT StPOL is the leading hotel-school in the sector since 1966, it keeps a close relationship with the leading hotel and tourism companies, these are the companies that participate in this event in a rotated way, that way all the companies have the opportunity to visit and recruit in EUHT StPOL. The 100% of the participants’ students get an internship program and the 94% of the participating students get a personal professional business plan after having finished their internship.

100% of the students attending achieve a placement contract and 94% manage to gain a career plan after completing their practical.

Companies participating in 2019 edition

Schedules PDD – 5th and 6th of February 2019

In the mornings will take place the companies presentations. In the afternoon the companies will interview the candidates.

Tuesday 5th February de 2019:


Wednesday 6th February 2019:

Video 2018 Professional Development Days



  • Uniformity (mandatory to access the room): All PDD participants must wear a suit and tie, and a business uniform for girls. Those who do not comply with the requirement will not be able to access the Room and will count as an absence.
  • Registration: All participants must register in the bar lounge from 8.50 to 9.20 am on Tuesday 5th February 2019 and from 9.00 to 9.25 am on Wednesday 6th February 2019. The presentations will be made in the Llevant room.
  • Attendance at presentations: Presentations from participating companies are mandatory for all students who finish their studies at EUHT StPOL this course. AAA members who will participate in the interviews must also attend all presentations of the day.
  • Breaks: It is forbidden to leave the room in the time slots between presentations. For this, the appropriate breaks have been established.
  • Lunch: Students who usually have lunch, will proceed as a normal day. Members of the AAA may eat for free in the Self under prior reservation. Students who do not usually eat lunch at school can buy tickets for lunch at the Self for 6 euros.
  • Interviews: The candidates selected for the interviews have been chosen by the same companies.