Spain is the third country in the world with the highest number of foreign tourists, where Catalonia, and its capital Barcelona, are the main destination.

Summer Courses

In a highly competitive and international hospitality world, more than ever before, a key competence will be your trends– and innovation sensitivity – be it in hospitality management, be it in Food&Beverage, be it in delivering experiences to your guests and partners.

For this reason, EUHT StPOL Barcelona is offering this Summer course to let you build and increase these competences and sensitivities in your professional fields of expertise.

The course will be led by professor Dr Rohde who, during the last six years, has been conducting a leading ‘Future Forecasting & Innovation’ research project worldwide: The Cool Hospitalities Hunt project.

Professor Rohde is visiting professor in many prominent universities worldwide and is a EUHT StPOL professor in our Master in Hospitality Management.

Our students said:

“Aside from everything mentioned in the class discussion, I learned that every idea, every seed, no matter how ‘crazy’ if the idea has potential” – Brian, USA

“The key lessons I’ve learned during the course are research, analys, develop and adapt” – Victor, Mexico

“It is a very practical course that allows one to develop useful skills; Investigation, Research, blogging and analysis traits are constantly being practised” – Alfredo, Colombia

“I’ve learned how to open imagination, be visionary, open your eyes and keep up with time” – Thomas, Italy

  • You will be invited to become a Cool Hospitality Hunter. Inspired and coached by professor Rohde you will hunt for Cool Seeds of the New within and surrounding the contemporary and future worlds of hospitality;
  • You will upload your hunted Cool Seeds of the New on a virtual workspace constructed exclusively for this Summer course and only available for you and your Coolhunting co-students
  • We will discuss the power and growth potential of these Cool Seeds of the New for the hospitality industry. We will rate them, comment on them – and enrich them.
  • You will also learn how to properly write a blog. A blog that seduces people to read what you have to say in the most appealing and effective manner. Mind you, a decision that is not communicated is not a decision. A Cool Seeds that is not well communicated and therefore not read, is not a Cool Seed.
  • We will analyze the collectively gathered Cool Seeds of the New. What clusters of new developments do we see? What new validated trends can we distill from all the hunted collected material and insight? What meaning and future power can we attach to them?
  • We will work on innovative concepts, based on the validated insights and trends that our Coolhunting activities have reached out to us, and only us.
  • Opening your imagination to new developments will be the leading thread. But we achieve this in a methodologically sane and succinct way. Depth will be added to the Summer course by discussing in class together some of the most ravishing articles regarding hospitality industry in the leading papers and magazines of this world.
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