We teach the students the skills, work techniques, attitudes and behaviors necessary to become an “allroad” professional.

Services to Companies

Since it started, the Hotel-School Sant Pol de Mar has maintained continuous interaction with the country’s socio-economic framework, alternating different levels of strategy. On one hand, it has signed placement agreements for its students to be able to do part of their training in the most important companies and, on the other hand and very importantly, it has carried out training programs, projects and events of reciprocal interest both for the companies with which it has a stable relationship and for better training of its students.

Therefore, it offers different services addressed to companies:  consultancy, in-company training, etc., all of them in agreement with our desire to be part of the main initiatives and business projects, contributing with ideas and nurturing research through the analysis and study of cases and establishing fruitful classroom-enterprise synergies.

The long career and broad experience of the Hotel-School Sant Pol de Mar gives it a strategic perception of the hotel industry, of its evolution in time and the tendencies of the future tendencies of the industry. This baggage translates into knowledge of the main business groups forming this area of activity, of their different operative modes and their management teams. To this we must add an aspect which the school has always especially attended as trainers: innovation.

This university-company relationship has allowed H-E StPOL to help companies by sharing knowledge and experiences, by supporting new business initiatives, training managers, advising and assessing national and international projects, encouraging research and business collaborations, developing new concepts and business models and providing solutions for enhancing or updating activities already underway.

The concept of continuous training covers all levels of training that any professional might need throughout their career, either in terms of knowledge, competence or skills. With regards to continuous training, we believe that the following objectives are primordial:

  • To enhance the professional qualification of each worker individually, and as a result, the general competitiveness of companies.
  • To update knowledge and systems of operation, new technologies, etc.
  • To insert the worker in professional networks of their specialty and interest (networking).
  • As a consequence, to contribute to the development and dynamisation of the economic and labour scheme of the surroundings.
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Continuous training is essential in the hotel and tourism industry, which is subject to constant improvement and development. Therefore, at H-E StPOL, for all those who have finished their training programs and/or have professional experience, it expresses its offer of on-going training on different levels:

Master in Hospitality Management

Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management

H-E StPOL creates personalized strategic training programs for managers in leadership, advanced management of human resources, administration and finance, legal framework, advanced negotiation techniques, time management, crisis management, systems for improving output and services, incorporation of new technologies, internationalization strategies, corporate responsibility, environmental management, latest tendencies in communication and marketing, advice and image and other areas.

All are adapted to each level and specific requirement: middle management, executives, senior management, board members and business group management, in addition to individual professionals and entrepreneurs. They are costumed programs adapted to each need in a professional world subject to constant changes. For that reason, H-E StPOL has the best professionals and a wide range of possibilities with regard to focus, formats and location.

If you want to grow and to make your company grow, come to H-E StPOL.

These are costumized courses for all companies, guilds or Public Administrations that might request them. They can be done both on the H-E StPOL Campus and in the form of in-company training.

The following are some of the companies, guilds and public administrations of the tourist and hotel sector to whom H-E StPOL has offered courses:

  • Sol Meliá.
  • Barceló.
  • Grup Serhs.
  • NH.
  • Riu.
  • Husa.
  • Hesperia.
  • Gremi d'Hosteleria de Menorca.
  • Conselleria de Turisme de la Generalitat Valenciana.
  • Government of the Region of Murcia.