The Catalan Food Council is a body born as a forum to debate and advice on issues related to agro-food, which has among its pillars of work to promote the cuisine of the territory, among others. EUHT StPOL has been appointed as representative for the schools of hospitality in Catalonia to participate in the Council, which this October held its initial meeting.

On October 3rd from the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol de Mar (EUHT StPOL) we attended the first meeting of the Catalan Food Council, an advisory body attached to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Catalan Government created as a forum to debate, participate and advice on issues related to agro-food.

In fact, the will of the Council is to become the food parliament in Catalonia, or what is the same, the agora where the foundations for a new food policy based on local production and sustainable environmental management are specified, in order to walk towards quality food that builds trust in the consumer and boosts the cuisine of the territory.

EUHT StPOL has been appointed representative of the schools of hospitality in Catalonia within the Catalan Food Council, in which the different agents of the food chain are represented: associations and entities related to food, consumers, agricultural professional organizations, institutions and related professional colleges. All of them participate in the Council through four commissions: agro-food chain, competitiveness and internationalization, gastronomy and territory and sustainability.

The goal of the Catalan Food Council is to participate in the preparation of the National Pact for Food Policy.

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