Mapal Software has developed “GirNet” an online tool specialized in organized restaurant business

The students of the Master in Hospitality Management have received a theoretical-practical class on business intelligence. Carlos Gamallo, commercial, marketing, sales, and communication director of Mapal Software has imparted it.

P1170902Camayo has spoken about “GirNet” a product specialized in the organized restaurant business that is succeeding among great brands such as La Tagliatella, Udon, Ginos… In addition, it used by recognized chefs like the ones of BarriAdrià. Mapal Software is also expanding their product in countries like Poland or USA.

“GirNet” is an online tool that has been created to manage restaurants Back Office. It applies scientific and mathematic approach and business knowledge due to optimizing difficult tasks that are usually done by Microsoft Excel or without technologies.

EUHT StPOL students have tested the tool during the session. First, Carlos Gamallo has explained how the product was created emphasizing that “GirNet” is a Spanish startup project that has grown progressively. He has also explained to the students how does the tool work at professional sector.

On the other hand, the students have practiced with the tool. They have done a sales forecast and have organized a restaurant turn. Finally, the professor and the students have compared the results of the “GirNet” tasks with the handmade ones.

Gamallo says that “it is so important to teach methodologies like “GirNet” at educational centers like EUHT StPOL”. He thinks that it is fundamental for the students to know the technological facilities they have in the work atmosphere.

The students have appreciated the visit of Carlos Gamallo. “I think has been very interesting to know the existence of a program like this and the possibility of planning a shift in half an hour instead of a week like we are used to”, says Elena Gobetti, a student from Italy.

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