2nd Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Alexi Choucha_ING

Alexi’s #stpolexperience

Alexi is about to return from his internship in Texas to continue with his University Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. He has updated us on how his internship in the Gaylord Texan Station is going, where in less than two months he has been promoted, from server assistant to host, managing the reception of costumers and attending them.

In his own words, he is very proud of the decision he has made. The Gaylord Texan Station is making him feel at home and he encourages all those who have the chance, to take advantage of it without a doubt.

In which post/department is the internship?

I started my internship as a server assistant, but one day they gave to me the chance to try and be a host, then I was in charge of welcoming customers, walk them to their tables, manage the numerical control of those tables and also be in charge of the groups of clients. Since then I’m carrying out this post and thanks to that I have the opportunity to learn different things on a daily basis. The fact of dealing with costumers and have to manage their needs is very positive because it may open up doors for me at some future date, meaning that I’m making the most of this internship in order to make my résumé attractive for future jobs.

Why did you choose this internship and in this place?

I chose this internship because I wanted to live an abroad experience, get in touch with a new culture and with costumers of different nationalities than those I already knew. It was thanks to Sant Pol Hotel-School that I could get into this internship and enjoy this wonderful opportunity.

What do you expect from this internship?

I hope to learn from every department of the restaurant, as well as from my workmates who can provide me their personal experience in the field.

Tell us about your first impressions?

During my first weeks I learned a lot about management in direct Food & Beverage with costumers, but since I changed positions I’m learning a lot from customer service given that I’m more focused on direct attention. The best thing about my stay, undoubtedly, is the amazing personal experience I am living, but the best thing is the cultural enrichment and the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over the world.

Are you satisfied with the level of involvement of the company with you?

Gaylord Texan is 100% involved with its employees, and even with internship students, they treat us like everyone else, not feeling odd in a company when you are a foreigner, is appreciated. Their way of handling things is fantastic and I’m very proud to have decided to come here. There’s no doubt I would repeat year after year.

What you learned during your studies have been helpful when doing your internship?

The most meaningful thing for me have been the basis that EUHT St POL has given to me in order to be able to face my internship abroad confidently. To cross the ocean is very scary, but if you feel ready it does not impress you that much and can deal with everything. Undoubtedly, this is the feeling I got thanks to EUHT.


We are very proud to know that our students are living great experiences during their internships and that they enjoy them every day.

Congratulations Alexi, we are eager to know every detail!

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