The Universitary College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts of Sant Pol de Mar has held two “World Buffets”, an event where there were on display typical dishes of the home countries of our students

Gastronomy is one of the main attractions of travelling. But, how to gather the most typical dishes of up to 35 countries in one day? The World Buffet, organized every year by EUHT StPOL, accomplishes this challenge by far.

During two days, the international students of our Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management – together with the ones who take the English version of the same program -, bring us closer to their home countries through culinary tradition. “Espumilla quitena” from Ecuador, “Enchilada” from El Salvador or “Colorful Daikon Rolls” from South Korea, are some of the dishes that the students cooked and that were really successful among the dinner guests.

The Academic Direction of EUHT StPOL thanked the pupils and the teachers for their dedication and their enthusiasm when preparing the Buffet. A great teamwork that showed, once again, the internationality and the potential of the students of EUHT StPOL.

Don’t miss out on the photo gallery of both World Buffets!

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