Pedro, Rosa and Jessica, Master students from last year, visited the students to explain them their internship experiences and their personal advice for the Master in general.


P1160098Our students of the Master in Hospitality Management students have received an extra class activity concerning the professional internship, included in the Master program, which they will go through after finishing the courses and lectures.

Pedro, Rosa Mª and Jessica, Master students from last year, have visited the students to explain them his internship experiences and his impressions about the Master.

We have listened to three different types of internship areas but all are related to the same skills: proactivity, good attitude, customer service, passion and patience.

Rosa, from Barcelona, was recently hired in Hilton Munich Hotel in the Food&Beverage Department after the completion of his internship in the same hotel and department. She decided to study the Master after his Tourism degree and she always was clear to work abroad.  Although she chose the Hotel Management master’s concentration she is working in F&B department and she has realized that his department is F&B.

Jessica is from Italy and she didn’t have any knowledge in the hospitality industry before studying the Master. She spent five months in Balearic Islands to do her internship in a Iberostar hotel as an Assistant Manager.

Pedro’s case is a different type of internship but not less important. His background in the business field led him to a famous Hospitality Consulting firm based in Barcelona (Magma Hospitality Consulting). He works doing studies and research for hotels projection or on changes and improvement into hotel departments for many different hotel companies, clients of the consulting firm.

They explained to our current Master students the importance of the meetings and interviews during the Professional Development Days (which this year will take place on February 7th-8th), and how they prepared for this event which is crucial for internship and future job opportunities.

Only one year ago they were starting their Master and now they already are young professionals in the hospitality industry.

They all agree that working in the hospitality industry can be a tough job but if you like it you don’t really suffer for the effort because you are feeling active, motivated and rewarded.

Also they told to the Master students that if you don’t have experience in the hospitality industry it’s not a problem to get hired for the internships because the attitude and the skills and knowledge acquired during the master are the most important requirements.

After a round of questions from the students, they explained some essential advice to work in this field: don’t be afraid to ask, have a good relation with the other departments, be open, be a good team player and, of course, have a good attitude.

Thanks Pedro, Rosa and Jessica for your words!


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