Students from different academic programs of EUHT StPOL have joined the team of volunteers of “El Gran Recapte“, a charity initiative promoted by the Banc dels Aliments.

Throughout the weekend, the students of EUHT StPOL who have offered as a volunteers for the “Gran Recapte” have joined the human teams located in different commercial establishments of Sant Pol de Mar to raise awareness among buyers to make donations and collaborate with the collection and classification of food.

The “Gran Recapte” is an initiative promoted by the Banc dels Aliments that is held annually on Christmas time and which aims to collect basic food for the neediest people. In fact, this year the solidarity campaign has reached the tenth edition.

It is not the first time that EUHT StPOL participates in the “Gran Recapte”; in fact, in recent years students of the Master in Hospitality Management, Master in Culinary Arts and Cooking Management, Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and Technical Degree in Gastronomy and Restaurant Service have joined as volunteers in the different campaigns organized by the Banc dels Aliments.

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